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Terms and Conditions

Registration and collection of students


  1. LyriK Theatre Arts are responsible for students during the times of their classes. LyriK cannot accept responsibility for the students outside the designated time of care. For this purpose, we cannot admit children before their class start time.

  2. Parents/guardians must register their children at the beginning of their class and collect children from pick up point at the end of their class.

  3. Classes are drop off only. No parent/guardian will be admitted into the venue for any class other than during shows at the end of the academic year. (Verse 1 children may need assistance from parents when initially starting classes with LyriK. Parents will therefore be able to stay for this class only.) 

  4. Classes will begin and end promptly so please allow a few minutes to arrive to avoid class disruption.

  5. For the safety of the children, if a student is being collected by someone new, LyriK Theatre Arts must be notified prior to collection time.


Late collection


  1. If a parent/guardian is over 15 minutes late to collect their child, a late collection fee of £10 will apply.

  2. If a student is not collected within a reasonable amount of time and a parent/guardian cannot be reached through given contact details, LyriK Theatre Arts will contact social services. Please contact Kimberley Manser in the event of an emergency as soon as possible.


Attendance- in-person school

  1. LyriK Theatre Arts should be notified if a child will not be attending any of their classes. Please let LyriK Theatre Arts know well in advance if a student cannot attend a show day once dates have been issued.

  2. No refund can be given for a missed class. Teachers still have to be paid for their time and so do our venues.


Attendance- online private singing lessons

  1. LyriK Theatre Arts should be notified in advance if a child will not be attending any of their classes.

  2. No refund can be given for any lesson they do not attend. Teachers still have to be paid for their time.


Illness or accident at LyriK Theatre Arts

  1. No students who have had sickness or diarrhoea within 24 hours will be permitted to attend class for the well-being of themselves and other students and staff.

  2. Should a student become ill or is involved in an accident, parents/guardians will be notified using the emergency contact numbers given to LyriK Theatre Arts and the nature of illness/accident will be explained. The child can then be collected by the parent/guardian so they can seek professional medical advice.

  3. If urgent hospital treatment is required, LyriK Theatre Arts will call an ambulance and parents/guardians will be notified.

  4. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep LyriK Theatre Arts up to date of any changes in address and phone numbers to ensure they can be contacted during sessions if need be.


Cancellation of classes- in-person school


  1. LyriK Theatre Arts cannot accept liability for any classes that have to be cancelled for reasons beyond their control (such as extreme weather, fire, flooding or criminal activity etc…)


Cancellation of online private singing lessons


  1. If LyriK Theatre Arts have to cancel any lessons, the customer will either be refunded for the lesson or LyriK Theatre Arts will offer an alternative time to make up for the cancelled lesson.



Refunds- in-person school


  1. LyriK Theatre Arts operates a no refund policy.



  1. Fees must be paid prior to the first day of class for each term.

  2. LyriK Theatre Arts are unable to admit students without payment.

  3. Payments can be made via credit/debit card via bank transfer.

  4. All in-person school payments are termly and should be made in full, prior to the start of term. Alternatively, payments can be paid in two instalments and the two amounts should be paid in full at the start of each half term.

  5. Private singing lessons run via separate dates and so payments are made monthly (rather than termly.) Payment reminders will be sent accordingly.

  6. We do not accept childcare vouchers.




  1. If a student leaves before the end of a term, no refunds can be given. All members sign up for a term so a full term must be paid for, even if a student decides to leave at half term.

  2. It is asked that customers should give at least half a terms notice (via email) if they will be leaving. If no notice is given, it will be presumed a student’s membership will be renewed for the following term and you will be charged.



Behaviour management

  1. LyriK Theatre Arts strives to deal with behaviour positively through use of encouragement and stickers. Should a child misbehave, LyriK Theatre Arts follows a 3 warnings policy (two verbal warnings and on the third warning the child will have to sit out.)

  2. In more extreme situations a child may be asked to leave LyriK Theatre Arts, and a parent/guardian will be notified to come and collect them.

  3. LyriK Theatre Arts will approach behaviour management in our Verse 1 class (class for children with additional educational needs) by using now and next boards, stickers, motivational visuals and stress toys. If a class becomes too much for a child, a member of staff will ensure they a moved from the setting that is causing distress and a parent will be contacted to come and collect them.


Water and snack

  1. Students MUST bring their own water and bottle to class as we do a lot of movement and dance so they will get thirsty.

  2. Students in Chorus class may bring an optional snack, something small to boost their energy. NO NUTS.



  1. Students must wear something comfy and easy to move in.

  2. Trainers only, NO SANDALS OR HIGH-HEELS.

  3. Students may layer up but MUST have a t-shirt under any long sleeve tops/jumpers/cardigans as they will get hot whilst dancing. LyriK recommends (in colder months) always having an over-layer in case they get cold in lessons that are not movement based.

  4. No clothes with offensive logos / words / pictures.


Toilet training

  1. LyriK Theatre Arts are unable to admit children who are not toilet trained.

Personal belongings


LyriK Theatre Arts are unable to accept liability for the damage or loss of any property. It is therefore recommended that students either do not bring personal belongings or that they are labelled. The students are responsible for anything they choose or need to bring (for example, phones, toys, bags, money and water bottles etc…)

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