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Welcome to LyriK Theatre Arts!

Performing arts classes
Ages 3 - 18



Inclusive theatre school for children aged 3 - 18

LyriK Theatre Arts was founded by Kimberley Manser in 2020, which first started as online private singing lessons and is now an in-person inclusive performing arts school based in North Harrow and Watford (our new Watford classes commence in January 2024.).


Our aim is to create an inclusive theatre school offering a safe space to build confidence, have fun, develop skills in singing, drama and dance, and also improve on social skills. 


 LyriK offers engaging and exciting classes taught by highly skilled professionals within the performing arts industry and provides many workshops including West End musicals, film and TV and pop singing. We offer in-person weekly term time classes for children aged 3 - 18.

 Our performing arts school provides classes in:

-Dance; learning technique, musical theatre and commercial.

-Singing; learning technique, musical theatre and pop.

-Drama; learning technique, games, script work, improvisation, and devising their own pieces. 

 We also offer specialised classes for children with additional educational needs, providing a safe space for them to enjoy and develop their skills in dance, singing and drama, taught by performing arts teachers with experience in working with children with additional educational needs. 


Kim is an amazing teacher who's helped me become so much more confident and happier in myself and my singing voice. She makes me feel so comfortable and gave me the confidence to do a musical theatre course I never thought I was capable of. Thank you Kim!

(Emma, age 16.)

Kimberley has made such a difference in my child's life and we appreciate that! She has learnt so much, from all the dances to the theatrical expressions. She has come such a long way due to Kimberleys perseverance and getting the best out of her. Thank you so much.

(Anonymous Parent, child aged 5, additional educational needs.)


I really appreciate how kind and supportive Kim has been. I don’t think I would have become such a confident performer without her help.

(Joel, age 15.)


Before starting my lessons, I wasn’t very confident in my singing and wasn’t able to fully give it my best. Through my lessons I have grown so much in confidence and my ability. I really put it down to Kimberley’s teaching. I don’t think I would be able to feel the confidence I do now to go into a musical theatre course at A levels without her help.

(Zoe, age 16.)


Kimberley was recommended as a singing teacher to me by my friend at the London theatre school I attend. I started lessons with her during lockdown and instantly loved her. Singing was my weakest area and she made me feel at ease straight away. When lockdown lifted I continued my lessons and I look forward to them every week. My singing has definitely improved a great deal. She has the best advice and tips and helps me through different vocal techniques which has given me more confidence when singing.

(Liliana, age 15.)


"Always remember, you are AMAZING!"

Kimberley Manser
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