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Verse 1 AND Verse 2 TEENS:

Our Verse 1 class is a specialist performing arts class sculpted for children and teenagers with additional educational needs, who have a love for dance, singing and drama. The class is taught by experienced professionals who will work closely with each individual to ensure all needs are being catered for, all whilst providing an energetic, fun and engaging performing arts class that helps enhance communication skills, social skills and movement.

 The weekly classes are an hour long and broken down into three 20-minute lessons of the three disciplines: dance, singing and drama. The classes run for a full academic year (three terms) with the opportunity to perform in front of parents and family at the end of the year.



Verse 1 Wednesday (Ages 3 - 11) 15:45 - 16:45

Verse 2 TEENS Wednesday (Ages 11 - 18) 18:45 - 19:30


Verse 1 Thursday (Ages 3 - 11) 16:10 - 17:10


Our chorus class is for the rising talent of children aged 6-11 (typically years 2-6.) These weekly performing arts classes are 2 hours long, giving their highly skilled and professionally trained teachers the time to provide in depth classes in dance, singing and drama. It also allows time to get to know each individual and their strengths to give them the best tools for personal growth, development and success. Classes strive to boost confidence and provide an encouraging, fun and dynamic atmosphere to all LyriK students. Chorus class will have the opportunity to partake in professional west end musical workshops by patron, Vicki Manser (and others,) acting, film and TV workshops and pop singing workshops throughout the academic year (three terms.) They will also get the chance to perform in front of an audience showing what they have learnt throughout the year.


Times: Wednesday (Ages 6 - 11) 16:45 - 18:45

Online private singing lessons:

LyriK also provides term time weekly online private singing lessons to children aged 4-16. These 30-minute lessons provide in-depth teaching to aspiring singers, performers or children who just want to sing for fun! Lessons are taught by Kimberley Manser and specialise in musical theatre and pop. Online lessons give students from all over the UK the access to professional singing lessons from the comfort of their own home and at a time that is suited to them. Lessons aim to build the student’s confidence in their singing voice, teaches them correct technique and allows them to work on songs of their choice, as well as being offered new suggestions to broaden their repertoire.


Times: Email to enquire.


Term dates

Term dates:
HARROW - Wednesdays


Autumn term

(12 weeks): 


13 September 2023 - 6th December 2023


(No classes half term: 25th October 2023)


Spring term

(10 weeks):


10th January 2024 - 27th March 2024

(No class 24th January 2024 due Event at Venue)


(No classes half term: 14th February 2024) 


Summer term

(12 weeks for Verse 2 and Chorus and 11 weeks for Verse 1/TEENS):


17th April 2024 - 10th July 2024



 (No classes half term: 29th May 2024)

WATFORD - Thursdays

Spring term

(10 weeks):

11th January 2024 - 28th March 2024


(No classes half term: 15th and 22nd February 2024) 

Summer term

(11 weeks):


18th April 2024 - 4th July 2024


 (No classes half term: 30th May 2024)


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